My paradise


I was sitting on the porch looking at the drops in the grass. I’d smile thinking of how wonderful those little drops are. Tiny round mirrors of life. More and more came through the sky and soon it was pouring rain. The music it played was so wonderful I just sat there, litsening to the sound of earth, breathing. I noticed how the light around me changed in to a warm, orange colour and I looked up, chocked by a stunning view. The sky was filled with a gray cover of rain, decorated with a full double rainbow like a portal in the sky. I have never seen anything like it, so sharp and colorful filling my body with joy and beauty. I walked a bit out in the open field and looked to the other side from the rainbow, again a breathtaking site. The sun peaked out from the cover of rain, kissing my wet cheeks. Every raindrop was so clear to the naked eye, It was like time was slowing down, imagine everything is silent except from the raindrops around you, just see how one drop slowly falling to the ground and disappears.

I think of this place with nothing but love. Here there is no bad memories. Here there’s no such thing as bad weather. This is where you find freedom, nature, life and future.

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After coming home it didn’t take long before the summer heat came to us and suddenly all the troubles felt a little less troubling. We had so much fun on the weekends and evenings and everyone was so overwhelmed with happiness. The stressful feelings was still there ofcourse, but it didn’t feel so bad doing it. I finnished all the painting and started to live again, just in time for summer and the first bath in the lake.

_MG_3408 _MG_3248 _MG_2785 _MG_2790 _MG_2917
_MG_2904_MG_2924 _MG_2939 _MG_3124 _MG_3154

The last part. The end. This is when i set up the exhibiton of my card deck and I was so extremely nervous.  But man, after a whole year of working on it – it felt so wonderful holding my own card deck in my very hands. After this there was just waiting for the day of graduation and the first day of summer. And yes, it came and it was as beautiful as expected.

_MG_2987 _MG_3387



Fresh start

Today is a rainy, cold, windy day of autumn here in Sweden. I have been wanting to do this for quite som time now, but never felt the time was right. It is days like this you can be calm and don’t feel bad for not doing anything of imporntance really. This if my first post in new blog. It feels kind of wierd, starting on this platform but from what I’ve read this should be the best one. I hope i will find that to, but that remains to see.

It’s been a long pause since i blogged last time, with pictrures from the whole spring and summer just waiting to be edited, published and hopefully loved as well. I haven’t made a blog-post since the beginning of June i belive. I really miss it, and the reason I’m starting up a new blog is because i feel it is needed. Life is changing now more than ever, the big life is starting and i want my photographs to have a bigger audience than little Sweden.




Welcome to Child of North

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